Wednesday, June 13, 2018


That is how Aanshi Bhavsar, the Ballerina of the Month for September describes herself. Her face was a picture of bliss and euphoria upon learning that she had won the coveted title at Les Danseuses Academy of Ballet. One could sense that from this point onward, her motivation had doubled for the classes to come.

Aanshi Bhavsar

“Learning and doing ballet fills me with exuberance and positivity” Aanshi quoted while talking about her love for the dance form. She also went ahead to mention how ballet has helped her in making her flexible and limber. Her favourite ballet steps include retirĂ©, tendu and jumps like pas de chat. On being asked about her happiest memory in the ballet classes she said “Once Miss Neha made all of us do stretches together in the class and it will always be an unforgettable moment for me”

Aanshi is an outdoor enthusiast and loves playing outside. Being a creative child, she has been inclined naturally towards art and craft. She has displayed a keen interest towards gymnastics and is currently learning the same.

Aanshi with her proud family

Aanshi’s parents are extremely delighted with her achievement and have given her the freedom of exploring her interests. They are highly supportive of her dreams and have constantly supported her in achieving her personal goals. Her parents quoted “We love that Aanshi always has been self-motivated and we will always encourage her to follow her passion.”

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