Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Just like October brings a graceful conclusion to autumn, Ishita Shah also closed the season tastefully by winning the title of “Ballerina of the Month”. Considerate and fun loving by nature, she has assiduously infused focus in herself when it comes to ballet.

Ishita Shah

Her family was extremely thrilled on learning of her newest achievement. They quoted “It satisfies our heart and makes us feel content to see Ishita enjoying what she is passionate about.” Ishita herself feels very motivated and since then she has propelled her efforts even more towards becoming better.

“I love coming to the ballet classes because I’ve made a lot of unforgettable memories in the class” said Ishita. She further added “For me ballet will always be the most graceful dance form and I look forward to learning new steps. My favourite ballet exercise is Chasse”.

Ishita is an eager outdoor enthusiast and is a keen skater and swimmer. Cooking is another of her favourite activity. Her mentor and teacher Miss Neha quoted “Ishita stands out every time in the class because of her quality of dance. Her dedication is nothing short of paramount and I look forward to seeing her in my class every week.”

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