Wednesday, June 13, 2018


                                         Meet Ballerina of the Month – Tanishka Shroff

Tanishka Shroff

Tanishka Shroff is one of the most hard working and dedicated students of LDAB, who has shown tremendous growth and progress in her first year as a ballet dancer. Her excitement at being selected as the Ballerina of the Month was very evident, and this is what she had to say

“I feel on the top of the world for being selected as the Ballerina of the month. From the time I have started learning ballet, it was my goal to be selected one day.”

This happiness simply exemplifies the passion and love she has for ballet.

“I love doing ballet because it makes me look very graceful and gentle. It portrays an elegant personality of the person so anyone can fall in love with this kind of a dance form. Moreover I love the soft music that is played while we practice our dancing.”

Her favourite ballet exercise is Port de Bras, which means Carriage of the Arms.

When asked, which is her happiest memory in class, this is what she had to say

“The day when we first started using ballet barre, we were all very thrilled. Apart from this, I had a lot of fun in the Summer Camp – Grunch, the Musical and I am currently looking forward to our final performance.”

In addition to ballet, she enjoys drawing, arts and craft and cooking.

Her parents are very ecstatic at her progress in ballet. Her mother, Mrs Kashish Shroff told us that Tanishka comes back from her ballet class with a smile, and that is very gratifying.

Here’s what her ballet teacher Ms Neha had to say

“What makes Tanishka stand out is the way she accepts challenges, and never shies away when the class is strenuous. She loves ballet which can be easily seen in her performance in the class. She is working very hard to perfect her technique “

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