Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Devyani Poduval, a very talented and hardworking student of LDAB, is the first Ballerina of the month this new year. She is extremely happy to have won the title, saying, it takes a lot of effort and consistency to become one.

Devyani in class with her friends
Devyani always wanted to learn ballet and her parents were in search of a good ballet class when they heard about a trial session which was being conducted just next door. An excited and nervous ten-year-old Devyani walked into her first ballet session and fell in love with the dance form. After spending an hour learning the difficult French terms describing even more difficult ballet moves, she knew she had to come back. It is now more than a year that she has been with Neha and is soon going to appear in her first ballet examination.

On stage performing Princess Fiona for Once Upon a Time
Devyani was also one of the participants in the recent concert organized by LDAB – ‘Once Upon a Time’. She played Princess Fiona in this Princess-themed ballet concert. Dancing in front of hundreds of people was a booster to her confidence, although she was very nervous in the wings while waiting for her performance. “We were all shivering, probably with excitement, and Ms Neha kept whispering words of motivation to us. Ms Neha had told us in rehearsals that we can only give our hundred percent on stage if we put in a hundred and twenty percent at rehearsals. I understood the meaning of this only after the performance.”

  Devyani with her proud parents
Apart from dancing Devyani enjoys swimming, playing basketball and playing video games. Her curiosity and thrill to learn new things in life is what is shaping her personality. Devyani’s favorite subjects are Mathematics and French. An eager learner, she believes academics will aid life, but academics alone is not life.

Devyani’s teacher Neha is proud of the progress shown by her in the last one year. “One thing that I admire about Devyani is her dedication. There have been times when she has come to class in spite of being ill or having sprained her leg. Of course, on such occasions, she knows she cannot dance, and can only observe the class, but the fact that she shows up for class speaks volumes about her passion”.

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