Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Just like the season of spring brings a invigorating change in our lives, so did the month of April for the LDAB ballerinas as they stepped out of their ballet shoes to be introduced to world of theatre, singing and jazz dancing in the musical summer camp.

The Summer Camp Musical!

While all the kids were equally zealous and enthusiastic, it was Urshita Panicker who stood out as the Performer of the Month.

When asked about her learning experience, she said “Jazz was a totally new dance form for me which I am now in love with. The music and the dance moves very energetic and lively”

Urshita Panicker: Performer of the Month

Urshita enjoyed the change from regular ballet classes and displayed keen interest in the summer camp as she believes learning out of the regular portion is always fun and learning through fun is always enjoyable.

She was delighted to share the classes with the ballerinas of the primary grade and bonded generously with them.

Urshita enjoying the mixed grade crowd in the summer camp

Urshita said that her favourite memory from the summer camp is of when she first got the script handouts and learnt that they had to cheer up the Grunch with the help of a dance. She also added “I enjoyed doing the jazz hands move the most of all”

A glimpse of the first script reading, Urshita’s favourite memory

On learning that she received the title of “Performer of the Month” she was very surprised and told that she is feeling happy and proud of herself.

Miss Neha, her mentor said “Urshita is an exceptionally talented and dedicated learner. Even though this was her first time doing jazz, she has performed remarkably”.

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