Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Anxiety-ridden parents queued up outside, flashes of glitter and sequins competed with the pitter patter of tiny feet as young ballerinas scrambled across the stage, there was a palpable sense of excitement lining the air and soon it was showtime…

Thumbelina girls in action

I’ve known Neha for a while and I know her to be extremely passionate towards ballet. Ballet isn’t just something she excels at, she revels in the whole process of getting the right Grand Jeté or the perfect Plié. She had spent the last few months working tirelessly with all the young ballerinas, many of whom need help putting on their pointe shoes. And today was to be the culmination of all that hard work.

Artistic Director in class with student’s

I’ve not seen too many ballet performances live and didn’t know quite what to expect. The final show, of course, took my breath away. Talk about being transported to a magical land! From little mermaids to feisty princesses, the show had it all! Little girls came out of their cocoons to turn into graceful butterflies that left the auditorium with a steady soundtrack of excited gasps and sighs of appreciation!

It is a wonderful feeling to see your child imbibe the discipline and exhibit the grace that ballet requires. It’s an indelible moment of pride to see your little girl light up the stage with her performance. And this expression of pride and happiness was written large on the faces of all the parents. The mesmerizing performances were made more beautiful by the little details that LDAB painstakingly ensured. The costumes took inspiration from the Disney and Fairytale characters that the performances were based on, with the right colour palette and a dash of ballerina flair thrown in.

Students of LDAB performing Sleeping Beauty

Georgettes skimmed across in dramatic fashion, sequins sparkled bright but not as bright as the smiles of the tiny tots, toes pointed out straight, heady and determined girls took to the stage with confidence and left everyone speechless with awe. I relived all my favourite childhood stories with their classical reinterpretation on stage. Jasmine from Alladin, Fiona from Shrek and the eponymous Pocahontas, Cinderella and Sleeping beauty. And then I was introduced to Aana and Elsa from the recently released Frozen and the modern day Rapunzel from Tangled.

The evening was just as magical as promised. From the performances to the witty banter by a young Master of Ceremonies, from the soft music to the distinctive dancing, from the focus while performing to the sense of happiness and relief as the ballerinas flooded the stage at the end to take in the accolades. And Neha shimmered on stage to take a sweeping bow, prouder perhaps than even the parents of her family of ballerinas! With such an enjoyable evening spent, I can’t wait to see what kind of a show LDAB presents next year!

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